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This month’s W3LL Tip is all about beating the heat! It’s no secret that achieving and maintaining perfect makeup in intense heat or humidity can require an application trick or two, so we tapped into our resident Green Beauty Pro, Shirley Pinkson, to find out how she uses our Realist Invisible Setting Powder to keep smudges, smears and sweaty mishaps at bay for herself and her clients.

Shirley loves using Realist as a powerful “setting” force against summer’s fiercest conditions. “First off,”, says Shirley, “Realist Invisible Setting Powder makes an amazing primer for those with oily skin or those of us existing in humid conditions. Gently buff it into your skin before applying our Altruist Foundation Powder and you’ll notice that your foundation lasts significantly longer.”

Next, Shirley tackles her tips for keeping our eye makeup in place throughout a summer day. “Smudged mascara is by far our worst enemy in the summer, but it can be prevented with the help of Realist Invisible Setting Powder. Use our eye brush to sweep a small amount along the base of your lower lashes and you’ll be far less likely to end up with raccoon eyes no matter how hard you sweat in the heat!”

Are you all about that winged eyeliner in the summer? No worries, Shirley’s got a tip for that, too. “After you apply your entire eye look, but before mascara, apply a layer of Setting Powder over your Ellitist Eyeshadow or Hypnotist Eyeliner to keep everything in place and looking vibrant.”

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Beat the heat with these 3 tips for setting your W3LL PEOPLE makeup this summer!