Whole Foods and Beautiful journey

W3LL PEOPLE Joins Whole Foods On A Clean Cosmetic Crusade

W3LL PEOPLE is proud to announce the launch of our luxurious, nontoxic, high performance makeup with, drum roll please…Whole Foods Market.

Building upon its breakthrough success within the prestige beauty category, W3LL PEOPLE is excited to lead the charge in the premiumization of natural beauty within the masstige channel.  Partnering with Whole Foods Market provides unprecedented access to healthy, honest, high performance makeup for women all across the USA looking to making smarter, healthier choices.

Whole Foods Market is bringing on W3LL PEOPLE with the intent to offer hip, state-of-the-art, cosmetics with advanced performance in their top store locations. You will find W3LL PEOPLE first rolling out in select doors across Illinois, Texas, New York and California. Stay tuned and visit the W3LL PEOPLE Stockists page to learn our latest Whole Foods store locations by city.

“W3LL PEOPLE happily takes on the challenge of proving that prestige beauty and wellness are not mutually exclusive. As the go-to authority in the best healthy, premium quality products Whole Foods, is the perfect partner for us.” boasts W3LL PEOPLE Co-founder James Walker.

“Given we started in Austin over seven years ago, just down the street from Whole Food’s first location, it feels like we’ve come full circle as a brand in the best of ways. We are home.” beams W3LL PEOPLE Co-founder Shirley Pinkson.

Grab your cart and shop our vegan, cruelty-free, no-nasties beauty products! Choose from an offering of 48  natural makeup must-haves, from lip gloss to foundation to mascara, available soon at Whole Foods Market!