Thanksgiving has come to a close, and we’ve arrived at the always-busy stretch of time when holiday tunes are turned up, travel plans are made, family meals are planned and– of course– frantic holiday shopping begins! Maybe you’re the type who’s had a friends & family gift list prepared for months now, or maybe you’re the type who waits until a week before presents are opened to quickly add gifts into your online shopping cart, totally unsure of whether or not anything you purchase will be appreciated by friends and family. 

But how great is it to give someone a gift that feels thoughtful and perfectly suited to that person? And how much better does it feel to give friends and family gifts that are genuinely good for them? W3LL PEOPLE products are made of clean, vitamin-rich ingredients that makes giving makeup to loved ones an easy, beautiful choice this holiday season. 

We’ve tapped our three gift-savvy founders to share some of their favorite W3LL PEOPLE products to give to friends and fam during the holiday season. Last minute gift-givers, we’ve got your back. Read on to discover all the best in good-for-you gifts that give your loved ones healthy skin and holiday vibes on high. 

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James’ Holiday Gift Guide

James is W3LL PEOPLE’s wellness visionary, travel lover, and adventure seeker. He’s on the move a lot, as are many of his friends and family, and so he tends to give his loved ones gifts that compliment a lifestyle of adventure and on-the-go attitudes. Here are his top picks:

  1. Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick – The keyword here: multi-use. I absolutely love this cream stick for its versatility. The colors are so subtle and natural that you can use it on cheeks for a just-pinched flush, on eyes to make them pop just a bit more, and on your lips to give them a boost of life and color. You can essentially blend it anywhere you want a little color or pick-me-up. I love giving this as a gift to all of my friends on the go because it’s so easy to travel with; it’s small and fits in a purse and all you need is your finger to beautifully blend the color in to fix a travel-fatigued complexion. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves an effortless, “I woke up like this” look, so, yep, that’s everyone on my list. 🙂
  2.  Bio Booster SerumI consider this an “everything-in-one” facial (like, literally everything) that works extra hard to soothe and hydrate skin during the winter season. This serum also pairs perfectly with our Bio Tint Moisturizer for an extra dose of hydration. I love giving this as a gift to my friends who travel as frequently as I do, because it’s been a lifesaver for me on longer trips! I dab a little on pre-flight and it keeps my skin from drying out on the plane. The Bio Booster serum has an amazing new lavender rose fragrance, and it also includes some skin-loving ingredients like sea buckthorn, algae extract, and broccoli seed oil, which restores damaged, tired skin and delivers major moisture deep below the surface!
  3.  Optimist Lipstick in BRAVEI love gifting this to everyone because I am so proud of the partnership we started with Lipstick Angels (a non-profit that provides in-hospital beauty services for those facing cancer) to create this shade, but I especially love gifting this lipstick to friends who are moved by or involved in philanthropy and non-profit work. The shade has a beautiful coral hue that seems to work on every type of skin tone and it’s such a festive color for the holiday season! It also just won an Allure Best of Beauty award this year, so it’s fun to give someone a gift that has been widely agreed upon to be awesome. This lipstick is also certified non-toxic and certified organic– two bonuses in one.



Shirley’s Holiday Gift Guide

Our founder Shirley is all about maximizing in a minimal way. She likes a simple look that delivers and lasts, and her favorite W3LL PEOPLE products come in more natural tones that are still striking and work to enhance beauty that’s already there. She loves gifting her friends and family with W3LL PEOPLE products that are her own go-to, beauty shelf staples. Here are her WP favorites:

  1. The Clean Beauty Discovery SetThe Clean Beauty Discovery Set is my favorite way to introduce clean beauty to friends and family who are interested in making the switch to non-toxic products but aren’t sure where to begin! Our Discovery Set includes our Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in a cute peachy pink, our Allure Best of Beauty Award Winning Expressionist Pro Mascara (I consider this the must-have gateway product into W3LL PEOPLE), our Bio Bronzer powder, a Bio Brightener Invisible powder, our Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer, and our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with SPF. In other words, it’s our collection of WP clean beauty heroes, and the products that see most of my friends tossing their traditional makeup and making the switch to clean beauty for good.

  2. Expressionist Volumizing MascaraMost women consider mascara their “desert island product”. I feel the same! Our Expressionist Volumizing mascara is hyper-pigmented, bold, and makes for some beautiful, feathery lashes that are perfect for the holidays.The Expressionist Volumizing mascara is perfect for anyone who wants to amp up the volume on their lashes for a little bit of drama. It’s made of the same award-winning formula as our Expressionist Pro Mascara, but with the plant-based bulking power of cellulose dialed up a few notches for extra voluminous lashes. I love gifting this mascara to friends because once they try it and discover how clean it is and how well it wears, they get so excited to try other non-toxic, good-for-you products from our collection. This is a perfect gift for friends because so many women who don’t wear makeup will still put on a quick swipe of mascara, and this one is made from only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients!


Renee’s Holiday Gift Guide

Rounding out our trio of founders is Renee, who likes to give holiday gifts to friends and family that are in step with the season. She looks to W3LL PEOPLE products that have some flare to add to the holidays, and likes to gift presents that her friends can rely on throughout the entire holiday season and beyond. Here are Renee’s go-to W3LL PEOPLE gifts:

  1. The Holiday Season Survival Set The name of this set alone is enough to want to gift this to all of my busy family and friends during the holiday season, but I love this set because of how hard it works to bring hydration and protection to my skin during chillier months! For the same reasons James mentions, hydration is a must during the holidays and travel-heavy months, and our Bio Booster oil brings amazing moisture and brightness to my complexion after a long day. The set also includes our Bio Correct Multi-Action concealer, which effectively covers dark circles after maybe a *little too much wine* at the family gathering the night before. Rounding out the set is my favorite product of them all, our Optimist lipstick in the shade Retrograde. This is such a fun, easy gift to give all of my girlfriends because it’s the perfect holiday red. It’s great for a holiday party or just going out to dinner with family and friends. I’ve always particularly loved this color because it doubles as a perfect blush and really nails that naturally flushed look.
  2. Bio Brightener in Golden GlowThis is the newest shade to join the Bio Brightener stick family, and I am obsessed! It provides the perfect amount of added shimmer which I apply to my cheekbones and bridge of my nose to complete that glowy look I love for the holidays. This is a fun gift to give someone who is new to using highlighters because you can apply it in an easily controlled way (unlike liquid highlighters) and it can be applied for a really light, translucent look or you can build on it to create a more dramatic evening look.
  3. Bio Bronzer PowderEven though our Bio Bronzer is in loose powder form, it has the most silken, creamy feel that goes on effortlessly. The color is such a classic bronze that it compliments every type of skin tone, so I always feel confident giving it as a gift to friends during the holidays! It’s made from clean ingredients like pearl powder and aloe, so it feels even better to give friends and family knowing that it’s makeup that looks good and does good for your skin. It’s my go-to product for completing a look and adding that final kick before walking out the door with heels on! 


Happy holidays from all of us at W3LL PEOPLE to you and yours! We hope this guide inspires you as you shop this season and bring joy to the ones you love. 

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