It’s officially here. We’ve arrived at the time of year when it’s definitely not quite fall, yet little hints of cooler days have started to show themselves, only to be stamped out once again by a final, sweltering heat wave from our all too familiar friend, summer. You might have days that are dry and hovering around that *perfect* temperature, only to be met with a chilly cool front and days of rain. 

It’s the season of constantly transitional temperatures, and it’s also the season when your skin might be wondering just what the hell is going on. It’s not quite time to let go of that dewy summer bronzed look, but it’s also not quite time to usher in a warm-hued & autumn-tinged bronzed look, so where is your skin and makeup supposed to go while the weather takes it sweet time making up its mind?!

As many of us on the W3LL PEOPLE team travel often and find ourselves stationed all over the U.S., we wondered the same thing for our skin and makeup routines. We tried loads of different combinations of skincare products and makeup to find a routine and look that doesn’t necessarily evoke the full spirit of summer, but doesn’t suggest we’re about to curl up next to a fire on a crisp autumn day, either. Read on to learn about how we embraced the unpredictability of transitional temperatures and nailed the perfect routine for those  in-between seasons.

Cleansing & Toning
When we’re in the thick of summer trying to stay cool and keep our skin from looking like an oil slick, we look to clarifying cleansers and toners that go to work on unclogging pores and detoxifying skin. During the in-between seasons, however, we like to begin incorporating products that will transition us into months where we need more nourishing cleansers and calming toners. We love the Replenishing Oil Cleanser by Marie Veronique because it’s packed with Omega-6 oils and contains Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme that destroys free radicals that can damage skin over time. We follow that up with Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence which contains moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid and is ideal for skin that’s dry or dull.


Maximize Your Moisturizer
Lightweight, water based moisturizers that absorb easily into the skin are great for summer temperatures when sweat is a non-negotiable– especially if you live in a more humid climate. But as the weather cools off and air becomes more drying, we want a product that isn’t a thick, protective cream, but isn’t so light that we don’t feel moisturized. On a daily basis, we rely on our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer which has SPF 30 and is perfect for summer days (AND winter: just because you might see drearier days during the coming colder months doesn’t mean you should skip on the SPF!) when you want something light but still want some sheer coverage. To make our Bio-Tint Moisturizer a little bit more hydrating as drier days approach, we like to include a few drops of our Bio Booster Facial Serum to give the slightest dewy glow and let our skin indulge in the benefits of jojoba, turmeric, and sea buckthorn.


The Glow Between
We can all agree that the pinnacle of a summer makeup look is the “Yes, I just got back from a week in Tulum where I didn’t burn once but rather came back with a perfect, moisturized, evenly bronzed, totally glowy complexion”. And since we’ve already covered how to get that look previously, we’re currently more concerned with finding the very best bronzers for fall, and more importantly how to get a look that fits nicely between the dewy summer glow and the deeper, terra-cotta hued bronze of autumn. 

For us, that means grabbing for our Bio Base Baked Foundation, which combines the utility of a pressed powder but the skincare benefits and coverage of a cream. After our moisturizer has completely dried, we’ll apply this with a kabuki brush and let the powder’s softness absorb into our skin much like a liquid cosmetic would. This baked foundation is never cakey and comes in a wide range of tones that nail the look of skin when summer tans begin to fade. 

Because the whole point here is to find a happy aesthetic balance between changing seasons, we like to use a combination of the Bio Brightener Stick and the Bio Bronzer stick to hold onto that last stretch of summer, but follow up with the slightest touch of the Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick to add a hint of flushed color to cheeks. The cream base will incorporate a rich color with the healthiest of glows!


Get Versatile with Eye Shadow
Our favorite way to clearly delineate that summer is on its way out and we’re making room for the changing temps ahead is how we play up our eyes. We love that summer utilizes highlighter to spotlight cheek and brow bones and to suggest that a glowing halo of light just effortlessly catches you at all the right angles and it is absolutely not sweat, but as the seasons shift and the sweltering heat dies down and drier, crisp air begins to take its place, incorporating deeper, less dewy eye shadows is a welcome change.

Our go-to in-between seasons eye look uses the new Nudist Eyeshadow Palette which includes 5 neutral hues perfect for a day or night look. We like integrating a few different colors for a more vibrant aesthetic. So as not to abandon that summer glow entirely, we’ll take the Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick in Nude Peach and do a light swipe across our lids as an homage to the warmer, dewier days of the past.


Before you know it, fall and winter will be here to greet us with chapped lips, dry skin, and a whole new slew of products to keep us hydrated and nourished through chillier months, so stay tuned for an update in the coming months on surviving winter skin!