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Will natural and organic makeup and skincare go bad more quickly than conventional products? The answer is……….not necessarily. While chemical preservatives may increase your products’ shelf life, there are some surprising benefits to natural and organic formulas.

We teamed up with one of our favorite skincare makers, Suzanne Leroux of One Love Organics, to put some of our best information into an educational video and provide additional tips about expiration dates, use, and storage of natural and organic makeup and skincare!

The 411 on Expiration Dates for Natural and Organic Skincare and Makeup from Suzanne LeRoux on Vimeo.

Tips from Shirley and Suzanne

  1. With green beauty products you want to follow a general rule of “use it or lose it” within 12 months. Don’t hoard your beauty products. Use them within a reasonable amount of time and then replace them. Toss products and refresh frequently. Use anhydrous formulas within one year of opening. Toss products containing water within 6-9 months of opening. Toss mascara within 3 months of its first use.
  2. Store your products in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and excess moisture. Your counter top is an excellent area if it is not connected to your shower. Your car is the worst place to leave your makeup bag.
  3. Buy from a reputable retailer. Is the retailer listed on the brand’s site? Most brands have a retailer page on their website. You can find W3LL PEOPLE’s list of stockists here.
  4. Use clean hands each time you use any personal care product. This is good for your health and for maintaining the integrity of your products.
  5. Be sure not to introduce water to your anhydrous formulas. Do not add water to thin out mascara or foundation!
  6. Don’t share your cosmetics and makeup with anyone else.

The 411 on Expiration Dates on Natural and Organic Products | One Love Organics