Thanks to our friends at Birchbox, we’ve solved the summertime sadness that can happen with your foundation! Foundation gets a bad rap during the summer. “It will clog your pores.” “It feels so heavy on your skin.” And then there’s the tricky way your complexion changes shades as you get more or less sun. I was firmly in the no-foundation-till-fall camp until I became acquainted with W3LL PEOPLE, a luxe all-natural brand that makes breathable makeup with skincare benefits. Specifically, I fell in love with its foundations, which have a weightless texture, and contain ingredients like zinc oxide that help protect your face from UV rays. The key to foundation in the summer is picking the right summer-friendly formula, and learn how to apply it correctly. Co-founder and veteran makeup artist Shirley Pinkson shared her tips for getting a natural, summery look—and the coverage you need—without feeling weighed down.