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The reviews are in and the green beauty world is officially loving our new Bio Base Baked Foundation! We can’t wait to tell you more about these innovative new products! W3LL PEOPLE Bio Base Baked Foundation is a powerful, plant-based foundation that leaves your skin flawless and glowing with antioxidant rich ingredients like Squalane and Honokiol. Bio Base is plant based, vegan, USDA certified organic, free of GMOs, gluten, and crappy ingredients. It is a versatile foundation that combines everything you love about cream and liquid foundation into the simple, easy-to-apply, travel-friendly powder!

Because we love multi-use products and versatility, we’ve formulated Bio Base Baked Foundation to be applied either wet or dry, so that you can achieve the coverage and finish you desire! Both application processes are simple, but each produces a gorgeous and different result. See below for our simple guide to applying our Bio Base Baked Foundation.


Bio Based Baked Foundation Dry Application
Products: Bio Base Baked Foundation and the Kabuki Brush

  1. Swirl the W3LL PEOPLE Kabuki Brush into the foundation tray.
  2. Swipe the Kabuki Brush onto the skin using broad downward  strokes.
  3. Repeat using thin layers until you have built up your desired coverage.



Bio Base Baked Foundation Wet Application
Products: Bio Base Baked Foundation and the Flat Foundation Brush

  1. Lightly dampen a flat foundation brush and tap to get rid of excess moisture.
  2. Press the brush onto the foundation tray, gently covering the bristles with foundation.
  3. Apply to the center of face, working outward with long strokes and blending into skin with brush or fingertips.

Use the guide below to find your perfect shade of Bio Base Baked Foundation, which is currently available in a range of 6 good-for-you shades:


Get totally baked by finishing with our Bio Baked Bronzer Powder and Bio Baked Brightening Powder to contour, highlight, and set! Bio Baked Bronzer and Bio Baked Brightener are formulated with the same high-quality ingredients to layer perfectly over your foundation continuing to amplify the high vibe coverage.

Ready for bolder beauty? Head over to W3LLPEOPLE.COM now to shop the Optimist Lipstick Collection and share your finished looks with us on Instagram using #BEW3LL and @W3LLPEOPLE.


Summer Skin Essentials

Summer Foundation: how to have flawless skin all summer long using vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free products from W3LL PEOPLE

Summer officially arrived on June 20th, but I think many of us have been “feeling the heat” the past couple weeks!  Whether you’re a sun worshiper or shade seeker, we’ve solved the summertime sadness that can happen with your foundation. Between the heat, sun, water, sand and increased physical activity during the warm summer months, we encounter a new host of skin issues and concerns, and along with that come foundation woes. Is it clogging your pores? Does it feel heavy on your skin? Does it melt off the second you step outside? Are you using the right shade after that weekend at the beach?

If any of those sound like you, then listen up! W3LL PEOPLE‘s luxe all-natural makeup formulas are breathable with active skincare benefits perfect for solving any summer skin issues. We promise that you will love our foundations and that our collection contains the perfect summertime solution for you. We’ve designed our products to have a weightless texture and formulated them with premium quality ingredients, such as pure zinc oxide to help protect your face from UV and UVB rays. The key to foundation in the summer is picking a summer-friendly formula that’s right for you, and learning how to apply it correctly. W3LL PEOPLE co-founder and green beauty guru Shirley Pinkson shares her tips for getting a natural, summery look—and the coverage you need—without feeling weighed down.

Find Your Foundation

Our collection of good-for-you cosmetics offers three super-powered options when it comes to foundation. Our newest product, Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer, is the ultimate all-natural makeup + skincare hybrid! This hydrating cream formula evens out skin-tone, offers a radiant, dewy finish, and protects your skin with SPF 30. Bio Tint is loaded with goodness: organic coconut to hydrate, broccoli seed oil for a flawless application that smooths and brightens, organic pomegranate to rejuvenate, and a state-of-the-art algae extract to combat hyper-pigmentation!

Altruist Foundation Powder has long been one of our staple products. However, this spring our fan-favorite Altruist underwent a makeover to make the formula even better! This reinvented mineral powder calms your skin with aloe and chamomile, and uses the ancient power of freshwater pearl powder to create a finish that is dewy and hydrated, never dry or chalky. The addition of non-miconized zinc oxide allows Altruist Foundation Powder to protect your skin from environmental damage.

If your skin tends to be dry, or you really appreciate makeup that lets you glow, we recommend our Narcissist Foundation Stick. This miracle formula is based on premium organic, omega rich sunflower seed oil known for it’s nourishing and healing properties. Although it’s a “cream”, it blends and breathes with skin seamlessly–even in the heat of summer. Just be sure to amp up your Bio Brightener Invisible Powder to help set the foundation while also adding a luminous highlight.

If you are new to our products and need help selecting your correct foundation shade, consult our handy Shade Selector tool.
Summer Foundation: how to have flawless skin all summer long using vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free products from W3LL PEOPLE

Get Sun-Kissed with Bio Bronzer

Our Bio Bronzer Stick or Bio Bronzer Powder will become powerful tools in your makeup arsenal, whether you like a sun-kissed glow, or are a fervent SPF-applier! Bronzer can be used to fake a golden glow, and can also be used to slightly alter the appearance of your go-to foundation, so that it can work for you throughout the summer.

Start by deciding which product is right for you. Our Bio Bronzer Powder is great if you have oily skin, or tend to feel like your makeup moves around or disappears after several hours of wear. Our Bio Bronzer Stick offers the same flawless bronze glow (not too orange, not too glittery) in a cream formula that is perfect for achieving a dewy finish, and for helping those with dry skin infuse it with both color and hydration!

To “faux the glow”, simply swipe your Bio Bronzer of choice anywhere on your face where the sun would naturally hit it. Your approach should be slightly different from your contouring routine, since you aren’t trying to shape or slip the face, but are simply trying to create the illusion of having spent the day outside. We recommend applying Bio Bronzer to the the crown of your head near the hairline, lightly along your nose and underneath the apex of your cheek bone. Blend the bronzer out accordingly to create a natural-looking summertime glow.

If you did get a weekend out in the sunshine (lucky you!) and you wake up Monday feeling like your go-to foundation shade is looking just slightly chalky on your skin, don’t fret! Bio Bronzer can again come to the rescue to help adjust your foundation by 1-2 shades. Simply mix a small amount of Bio Bronzer Powder into your powder foundation to help darken the shade and add a natural golden undertone. Or, try layering our Bio Bronzer Stick lightly over your favorite cream foundation to help infuse color back into the skin. If you are very fair skinned you might want to try this trick with our Bio Bronzer Powder combined 50/50 with a translucent powder, such as our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder.

Use the Right Tools for Coverage

Sticky, sweaty fingers are not the ideal foundation applicators for obvious reasons. Instead, after moisturizing or priming skin, use the W3LL PEOPLE Foundation Brush to apply the Narcissist Foundation Stick. Blend the creamy formula into your skin to conceal blemishes, reduce redness, and even tone, and tap the brush under your eyes to minimize dark circles. To apply our Altruist Foundation Powder try our Kabuki Brush.

Get a Sheer, Luminous Finish

To create that healthy, radiant look, dust on a layer of our must-have Bio Brightener Invisible Powder with the Kabuki Brush. This weightless clear powder is packed with delicious organic and natural actives like crushed fresh water pearl. Yeah, its amazing. And if we still haven’t convinced you that foundation is indeed a fit for summer, the Bio Brightener Invisible Powder can be your hero! Used by itself it acts like a clear foundation. It will minimize pores, even skin tone and create an age-defying soft focus effect. Bonus: it helps manage excess oil and shine while creating a gorgeous, youthful glow on the skin. Be sure to lightly spritz the complexion one final time to complete your gorgeousness. That final spritz will help blend, even and set our gorgeously good for you makeup.

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Foundation Selector

W3LL PEOPLE's foundations are natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan. Here's how to find the perfect shade for you!

Many of us rely on makeup to perfect our skin, but often times it’s the chemical-filled makeup itself causing the blemishes and discoloration we work so hard to cover up. Make a more positive impact on your body’s largest organ (your skin!) and switch to an all-natural foundation. Our Altruist Foundation Powder and Narcissist Foundation Sticks  are loaded with organic aloe to provide soothing, anti-inflammatory treatment to your skin while you wear it. They are formulated to even your skin tone with a moderate amount of coverage while still allowing your natural radiance to shine brightly.

Select the perfect product for you and then find the perfect color for your skin tone using our W3LL Matched Foundation Selector! Our Altruist Foundation Powder was selected as the best foundation for sensitive skin by  New Beauty and  is available in 8 shades. Providing weightless, flawless coverage that also nourishes and rejuvenates skin with organic aloe while zinc and titanium go to work protecting your skin against environmental damage. Our Narcissist Foundation Stick was selected as Elle Magazine’s favorite foundation. It provides a soft-focus finish while balancing skin tone and diminishing imperfections. The stick design is ideal for portability and mess-proof application on the go. Both products are free from artificial preservatives, parabens, chemicals, dyes, fragrance, silicone, dimethicone, pthalates, sulphates, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride and nanoparticles.

Curious how to use the products? Pull up a chair, #NaturalWarrior, and watch our video tutorials for Altruist Foundation Powder and Narcissist Foundation Stick. The image below shows a range of shades, demonstrated on members of our W3LL Team! Click on it to visit our Foundation Selector. Didn’t find your match in those images? Send us an image to get an expert match and customized recommendations by our Green Beauty Pros by emailing info@w3llpeople.com.

Already found your perfect shade? Share a quick pic on Instagram with #W3LLMatched and tag us @W3LLPEOPLE so we can see how you glow!

W3LL PEOPLE's foundations are natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan. Here's how to find the perfect shade for you!

Summer Foundation


Thanks to our friends at Birchbox, we’ve solved the summertime sadness that can happen with your foundation! Foundation gets a bad rap during the summer. “It will clog your pores.” “It feels so heavy on your skin.” And then there’s the tricky way your complexion changes shades as you get more or less sun. I was firmly in the no-foundation-till-fall camp until I became acquainted with W3LL PEOPLE, a luxe all-natural brand that makes breathable makeup with skincare benefits. Specifically, I fell in love with its foundations, which have a weightless texture, and contain ingredients like zinc oxide that help protect your face from UV rays. The key to foundation in the summer is picking the right summer-friendly formula, and learn how to apply it correctly. Co-founder and veteran makeup artist Shirley Pinkson shared her tips for getting a natural, summery look—and the coverage you need—without feeling weighed down.

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W3LL PEOPLE New & Improved Makeup

W3LL PEOPLE is on fire. The masterminds behind the supernatural brand have been engaged in a fit of design inspiration. In just four short years, our chemical-free, high performance makeup has won awards and made famous friends. Most importantly, our W3LL BEINGS are loving the way they look. But that’s not enough. We want to give you more. Now in 2013 we’re unveiling innovative new colors, more elegant formulas and sleeker, eco-rific packaging. These three key areas of improvement create an elevated degree of sophistication and performance worthy of the savvy women we empower.

Revel in new supple, creamier forumlas and genius colors.
Universalist ColorStick.
Refinery29 just called the Universalist Colorstick a makeup miracle. We couldn’t agree more. Check out three existing colors that get remixed and remastered:
• #5 Creamy Crimson
• #6 Blood Orange Caramel
• # Dusty Rose

Narcissist Foundation Stick.
Two brand new shades make this award-winning all natural and organic foundation stick perfect for everyone.
• #0 Pale Ivory
• #7 Rich Mocha

Nudist ColorBalm (previously Nudist Lipshine).
All natural Vanilla-Mint essence, organic aloe, hydrating EFA oil’s, and pure mineral pigments. No wonder this is rated best in class for lipsticks and lip balms by Earth 911 and causing serious obsession. Note: by popular demand, #2 fig is back!
• #2 Fig Honey

New and improved formulas built on the power of Organic Aloe.
Dubbed the plant of immortality by ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera contains 19 of the 20 amino acids required for good health. It’s a powerful healing agent and moisturizer. Through our advanced technology, we are now infusing this therapeutic botanical in all our products!

We’ve got swagger with updated, elegant packaging designs Apple would envy.
Our modern packaging is simply sublime. More importantly, it’s FSC certified, giving it the gold standard of sustainability. These clean white boxes, along with smart, W3LL PEOPLE candy green infographics, help customers more easily discern between products.

There’s never been a better time to be W3LL PEOPLE. Get our look…and never look back.