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Exploring the Meaning of Wellness


Wellness is a low-fat diet. Wellness is an all-fat diet. Wellness is spinning class. No, wellness is yoga. Being “well” is all the rage. But what is it really?

We at W3LL PEOPLE are asking ourselves just this. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a desire to make changes in our lives and then setting goals to reach them, so many  traditional ways to frame wellness focus on things we need to stop doing or things we should try harder to do in order to feel “happy”.

We’d prefer to approach feeling well a little bit differently. Instead of examining aspects of our lives we aren’t satisfied with and then making plans to either stop a habit or start a new one to “better” something, we’re looking at the parts of ourselves that we’re proud of, reveling in the things we already do that make us feel whole and well, and embracing the parts of our lives that maybe aren’t exactly where we want them to be, but holding close the truth that gentleness is often the healthiest path to growth and change.

We encourage all of you to join us this year as we choose to embrace ourselves and weigh the meaning of wellness in our lives. Wellness looks a lot of different ways to different people, so instead of a list of resolutions, we wanted to share a few unconventional ways to be well this year.




 Going for a Walk

There’s something really special about going for a walk without the intention of using it as a “workout”. Walking around the neighborhood simply to clear your mind and move at your own pace can be so restoring. While walking is obviously good for our bodies, it can be great for our mental wellness too, and gives us a chance to get connected with the outside world around us. If you love music or podcasts, bring them along! This isn’t about doing something in the “right” way, it’s about doing it in a way that makes you feel good.


Calling a Friend

When was the last time you called up a friend simply to say hello and check in on her? We’re so accustomed to using phone calls as a way to meet quick needs: you call to update someone on a change of plans, to ask them a quick question, tell them you’re running late, etc. Calling a friend just to say hello gives you a chance to listen and to show appreciation for someone you care about. Try it out!


Putting Down the Brush

As much fun as makeup is to play with and express ourselves with, and as helpful as it is in making us feel ready to tackle the world, it can be equally rewarding to take a day (or more) to put the brush down. Skip the concealer, skip the mirror and revel in a (self) reflection that’s truly beautiful. Approaching your day with a fresh, bare face and hair up in a bun is a sweet reminder that beauty and confidence really does start on the inside, and that makeup isn’t necessary to feel great about who you are and how you look!


Saying No

Here’s a tough one that we think can make a world of difference in your wellness journey once you become more comfortable with the idea of it. Saying “no” is not something our culture has taught us to embrace. Instead, we live in a society that tells us to be as available as possible, work as hard as we can, share as much as we can, maximize every moment of our time, and not to miss out on anything. But here’s the secret: learning to say “no” (maybe it’s a no on working late, on going to that party with a crew of people that don’t make you feel good, or no to that second date because the feelings aren’t there) helps to reveal to you all of the things you really want to say “yes” to. Saying “no” just means you get to devote more time to the things that make you feel well!


Putting Your Phone on “Do Not Disturb” Mode

How many times have you gone to bed with a bright little screen staring back at you as you endlessly scroll until your eyes get heavy? Start making a point to put your phone away and on “Do Not Disturb” mode an hour before bed. Not only has research proven that staring at a screen before bed can negatively alter your sleep, it also gives you uninterrupted time in the evenings to relax and unwind with family or yourself. If you end up really enjoying that hour of phone-free time, consider putting it away all together once you’re home for the evening. You might be surprised how freeing it feels.



Maybe you consider yourself to be the worst dancer on the planet, but that’s not what this is about. Turning up the tunes at home and just dancing around the house– even for 10 minutes– can send a jolt of joy through you that will set the tone for the rest of your day. Sure, it might feel a little funny at first to prance around your house, but it’s a great way to get moving and can elevate your mind to a higher, happier frequency. If picking a song and trying to dance along with it feels too uncomfortable, try looking up workout videos that utilize dancing as the workout. It might give you a little more structure as you try this wellness exercise and you’ll get a little cardio in along the way.


Reading Something Daily (Not on your phone!)

Whether it’s emails, articles, or too-long instagram captions, most of us spend so much time reading from our phones now that we rarely pick up a book, magazine, or newspaper to enjoy. We’re not saying you need to be cracking open a thick novel daily and working hard to finish it by a certain date. We think reading a short daily meditation, an article from an actual magazine, or a few pages of your favorite fiction novel each evening is great. It’s not so much about trying to complete something, but rather about going back to basics in our phone-centric world.


Taking a Nap

We’ll admit it: this is probably our favorite way to be well. But taking naps is a lot easier said than done! Recognizing when we’re tired and then giving ourselves permission to rest– regardless of what’s on our plates at the moment– is a really tough thing to do. From a social standpoint, napping can easily be mistaken for laziness, but if you need to rest, give yourself the time and space to do it. Naps can recharge you physically and emotionally, and can actually help you be a more present and connective person because you’re well-rested and alert.


We encourage you to think about your own ways of being well. Wellness is a personal journey, and one that shouldn’t be characterized by guilt or trying to “get it all done” in a certain way. We hope you find time to pause and appreciate the ways you’re already practicing wellness, and to discover new ways of wellness that vibe with you!


















Get the Look: Kesha

Create Kesha's 2018 Grammys look using all-natural, nontoxic beauty products from W3LL PEOPLE!

There were more than just a few shining moments during the Grammys on Sunday evening! The bright spot for us was seeing Kesha, in all her glory, rocking both the red carpet and the stage with a beautiful message of forgiveness and empowerment. Count us way in!

We were inspired to take a few beauty pointers from this icon and were most inspired by her brown smoky eye, extra fluffy lashes and perfectly pink lips! Follow along while we show you how to recreate this look using our plant-based, nontoxic, good-for-you cosmetics!

STEP 1: Start out by perfecting Kesha’s full-coverage look with our Narcissist Foundation Stick. Using the stick, apply it directly to skin. Start at the center of your face, then use a foundation brush and downward pressing motion to press the coverage in and blend outwards to the edges of the face.  And then dab onto any other problem areas.

STEP 2: Correct any dark circles or blemishes (we all gottem), using our Bio Correct Concealer. This power-packed natural wonder provides serious coverage, but also helps de-puff, brighten and improve skin’s texture. Focus on the inner corners of the eyes, where it is usually the darkest, then blend outwards across the under-eye area.

STEP 3: Apply a light layer of our Altruist Mineral Powder to help set the base and make this look full-coverage and matte. You can also swipe a small amount across your lids to help even out eyelid color and prep them for eye makeup.

If you are oily, rely on our Realist Setting Powder to set those areas and help absorb oil throughout the day. Simply dust a layer onto your T-zone or any other areas that tend to be more oily.  Oily lids sometimes, too? Dust a bit across your eyelids if you have creasing problems and press some under the lashline to help prevent smudging from eyeliner or mascara!

STEP 4: Use our Bio Bronzer Powder to help get Kesha’s simple, smoky eye. Focus it in the crease of the eye and use circular motions to blend the color. Then use the tip of your eye brush to gently press color into the lower lashline.

Use the edge and not the tip of our Hypnotist Eyepencil in brown to do short thin strokes on the lash line (halfway across the lid) then get a basic eye brush to diffuse the color. Go from the outer corners to the inner corner. Use this same technique on the lower lash line. You can also use our Hypnotist Eyepencil in brown to fill in and shape your brows!

STEP 5: To achieve Kesha’s fully defined lash look, swipe on a few of our Expressionist Mascara Black! Make sure to go with the natural flare of the lashes (outer corner: pull towards the ears, inner corners: pull towards the nose), then use the tip of the mascara wand to define the lower lashes. The state-of-the-art rubber-bristled wand has little teeth that will help apply without getting too clumpy. If you prefer the doll-like effect of Kesha’s lashes, you can use fingers to gently pinch them together for a chunkier look.

STEP 6: Grand finale! Finish this look with our Nudist Multi Use Stick in Nude Berry #10. Use a foundation brush to apply this cream blush onto the center of the cheek and pull back to the cheek bones. Diffuse any color using the clean side of the brush or the tip of the brush.

For your pout, grab a lip brush for a more precise application and apply the Nudist Multi-Use Stick in Nude Berry #10! It’s a multi-tasking product that adds color to cheeks, eyes and lips!

Recreate the look yourself and share it with us on Instagram @W3LLPEOPLE with hashtag #BEW3LL for a chance to be featured!

Dump Your Junk

Dump Your Junk: how to upgrade your beauty and skincare routine to products that are safe, healthy and natural | W3LL PEOPLE

If you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll make the switch to nontoxic beauty products there is no better time than this week! Honor mother earth on Earth Day by making a commitment to products that are healthier for you, and her. To get you started, we rounded up some of our favorite green beauty tips to help you officially Dump Your Junk and make the switch to safer products. So, empty your drawers, vanity and makeup bag and read onto to discover how easy it is to adopt a green, clean, nontoxic routine!

Dump Your Junk: how to upgrade your beauty and skincare routine to products that are safe, healthy and natural | W3LL PEOPLE

Beauty starts from within, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of health from the inside, out. Our Austin team is blessed to be neighbors with Juice Society. Their high-quality, organic, cold pressed juices  help keep our skin glowing and our immune systems strong. We love that they create a plant-based product that is sustainably sourced. If you aren’t in Austin we are willing to bet that there is a fresh juice place near you. Check one out, and drink up!

Dump Your Junk: how to upgrade your beauty and skincare routine to products that are safe, healthy and natural | W3LL PEOPLE

Glowing skin is always in. Having skin that not only looks healthy but is healthy is largely dependent on a dependable, effective skincare routine. We are longtime fans of Osmia Organics. Just like your favorite W3LL PEOPLE cosmetics, all of Osmia’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and synthetic color or fragrance. We love the gentle cleansing (and natural, clean smell) of their Rose Clay Facial Soap, a must have for any eco-beauty bag.  The kaolin clay in this cleanser instantly hydrates and helps heal the skin. At night, follow it with their Active Gel Toner, and then layer the Restore Facial Serum over the top. In the morning, start the day right with a light layer of their Purely Simple Face Cream before our nontoxic beauty products.

Now that you’re radiating health from the inside out, it’s time to enhance your natural beauty using a few of our supercharged, plant-based cosmetics! The full line is EWG verified, so you can feel confident your making a truly qualified choice.

Start with a good foundation. Don’t be shy, when it comes to making the switch to safer beauty, foundation is one of the most important steps, but often one that women hesitate to make. We all have our favorite foundations and switching to something new can be difficult. Not only do you need to find a formula that works for you, but also the perfect shade. We’ve created our Foundation Selector to help make the process easy. Foundation is a product that most people apply to their entire face so finding a product that is healthy, nontoxic and also treats your skin with botanical ingredients is key. Our Altruist Foundation Powder has been re-formulated to treat your skin while you wear it, with an combination of green tea, freshwater pearl powder and aloe. Plus, a dose of zinc helps protect your precious skin from environmental damages. If you’re a cream foundation loyalist, try the Narcissist Foundation Stick. Packed with nourishing plant based botanicals, our new breakthrough formula delivers a weightless, satin, soft-focus finish while balancing skin tone and diminishing imperfections.

Dump Your Junk: how to upgrade your beauty and skincare routine to products that are safe, healthy and natural | W3LL PEOPLE


Take your foundation up a notch by adding an effortless contour using our Natural Highlight + Contour Duo. Sweep the cream bronzer under your cheekbones, jawline and along the sides of your nose to instantly shape and add sun-kissed color (see our tutorial on Nontouring for even more tips). Next, get your glow on by adding a pop of luminous shine using our cream Brightener. Apply it to the very center of your cheeks, your orbital bones, or even above the arch of your brows for a radiant glow! If you’d like to add an additional pop of color we recommend our Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick (pictured here in Nude Peach) to add a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks.

We know our skin absorbs the products we put on it, but don’t forget about the products you put near your precious eyes (those are important!) or on your lips (which usually end up being consumed). Perfecting a clean eye look is easy with our Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner, and award-winning Expressionist Mascara. This dream team provides you with the long-lasting performance you expect, the lush lashes you desire, and an ingredient list that is free of coal tar or skin aging adhesives. Finish your nontoxic, cruelty-free beauty beauty routine with a quick swipe of our Nudist Colrobalm. The love child of a lip stick and a lip balm, The Nudist gives lips a subtle boost of color and shine plus penetrating, nourishing hydration. Rich in organic omega oils and aloe, this luxury lip treat leaves stressed lips soothed, supple and protected!

Ready to make the switch to #BEW3LL? We’re here to help with 25% OFF  W3LL PEOPLE Cosmetics Friday, April 21st – Sunday, April 23rd, at both Austin Studios and on W3LLPEOPLE.com!

If you’re in the Austin area,  join us on Earth Day (Saturday, April 22nd) at one, or both, of our W3LL PEOPLE Studio locations. We’ll be hosting an exclusive MEET THE MAKER EVENT featuring a clean beauty mixer and consults with W3LL PEOPLE Co-Founder Shirley Pinkson and Dr. Sarah Villafrank, the founder of Osmia Organics. Get all the details and sign up for a personal consultation with the founder here.

Share your upgraded beauty routine with us on Instagram at @W3LLPEOPLE!

Healthy Makeup Swap: Our Nudist Colorbalms

Healthy Makeup Swap: trade in your Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint for W3LL PEOPLE's Nudist Colorbalm, infused with jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, carrot seed oil, chamomile and aloe.

Did you know that the average woman consumes between 4-7 pounds of lip products over the course of her lifetime? The average application is around .06 grams, and unless you wipe it off onto a napkin that product either ends up absorbed through your skin, or consumed as you eat that sandwich or inadvertently lick your lips throughout the day. The lesson: what we put on our skin (no matter what the product is) ends up in our system. We need to make sure all the products we use are healthy and safe.

Meet our Nudist Colorbalms, which make one helluva healthy replacement for all of your toxic lip products. Conventional lipsticks often contain lead, arsenic and mercury (yuck!).  Our Nudist Colorbalm is a true 3-in-1 multi-action product. They moisturize like a balm, add color like a stain, and treat lips throughout the day or night like your favorite lip mask.

Nudist Colorbalms are the love child of a lipstick and a lipbalm. They are designed to look phenomenal with a hint of color ranging from clear to deep berry and also to provide penetrating hydration. These gorgeous little beauty balms contain 70% organic content, are EWG verified as well as USA Organic Certified. Check the ingredient label and you’ll find plant-based power from jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, chamomile and aloe. What you won’t find are any of the crappy fillers, harsh chemicals or parabens. This luxury lip treat leaves your stressed lips soothed, supple and protected.  Clothing is optional.

Get your Nudist Colorbalm today and share a photo with us on Instagram by tagging @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL.

Hypnotist Eyepencil in Brown

One of the best eyeliners in green beauty is now available in brown! (GMO free and Vegan!)

Our skin absorbs more than 60% of what we put on it, including creams, oils and cosmetics. We’ve becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to check labels and be conscious of what we’re applying to our body, because those products end up inside our bodies, as well. Here at W3LL PEOPLE we aim to provide our customers with products that they can feel comfortable and safe applying, especially when it comes to cosmetics that go near sensitive areas such as eyes!

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