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NEW!! Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner

New! Expressionist Liquid Liner from W3LL PEOPLE! Natural, powerful, vegan and cruelty free!

Hello, internet, can you hear us? We’re a tad bit nervous that this post might cause you to go up in flames, but try to remain calm: today we’re launching green beauty’s first-of-its-kind liquid eyeliner. Meet our Expressionist Liquid Liner in Pro Black!

We feel confident saying that this is unlike any liquid liner you have ever used. Because first of all, it actually works. It doesn’t budge. We spent the time and energy to develop a liquid liner that works without the use of chemical adhesives or heavy metals, to ensure that our liquid liner would have an ingredient list we could be proud of. One free of the shit you’ll find in conventional liners.

Our liquid liner is a game changer. Among it’s pure, plant-based ingredients you’ll find Eye Bright, a soothing ingredient that has centuries of research behind it, and of course delicious ingredients such as aloe and rosemary, a natural anti-microbial . But once you get over the shock of a liquid liner that actually works and has health benefits, we want you to also take time to appreciate the kick-ass innovation behind the brush.expressionist-liquid-liner-state-of-the-art-brush-from-w3ll-people

You’ll find this felt-tip brush to be a bit longer and a touch more firm, tapering down into an ultra-fine point. The increased length + firmness give you ultimate control and versatility. This brush will help even an eyeliner-amateur flawlessly master everything from the finest line to a thick-winged cat-eye .

So what do you say, Brave Beauty? Are you ready to experience Green Beauty’s first all-star Liquid Liner? We can’t wait for you to add our Expressionist Liquid Liner to your beauty line-up.

Bright Eyes Kit

The best natural mascara and eyeliner together in one kit! No toxins, no clumps, no smudge! | W3LL PEOPLE

We like to make things easy, and our Bright Eyes Kit makes the switch to nontoxic eye-makeup simple and pretty darn affordable (yo, it’s currently $29!). We all know that the products we put on our skin can be absorbed directly into our precious bodies (we’ll spare you the lecture), and that sentiment is even more urgent when it comes to the products you are using around your eyes.

Conventional mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows can contain a variety of harmful ingredients, such as parabens, aluminum powder, propylene glycol, retinyl acetate and more words that are exhausting to type. These ingredients can not only cause irritation and allergic reactions, but they can also cause biochemical or cellular level changes. What?! All from a little mascara? Yes, ma’am.

Our products are not only natural and nontoxic, but they are also powerful performers! Our formulas are thoroughly tested, because we believe that natural, safe, nontoxic cosmetics can kick the ass of any conventional beauty product and we want to prove that perfectly lined eyes and bold, fluffy lashes are attainable with natural products.

The best natural mascara and eyeliner from W3LL PEOPLE, modeled by Laura Ehlers.

Our Bright Eyes Kit contains our award-winning Expressionist Mascara and our all-natural Hypnotist Eyepencil. Our Expressionist Mascara is 100% cruelty-free, petroleum-free, paraben free, gluten-free, coal-tar free, aluminum free, fiber-free and clump-free! It is instead formulated with a dose of sunflower seed oil to help improve the overall health of your lashes. Our Hypnotist Eyepencil also ditches all those nasties, and is instead designed to be moisturizing and nourishing to the eye area.

Grab your kit, create a beautiful eye look and share it with us on Instagram with #NaturalWarrior!

 The best natural mascara and eyeliner together in one kit! No toxins, no clumps, no smudge! | W3LL PEOPLE