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Expressionist Brow Gel by W3LL PEOPLE

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Brow Gel

Are you ready to elevate your brow game, Brave Beauty? This week we unveiled our latest green beauty innovation, our collection of Expressionist Brow Gels!

A gorgeous, full, defined brow is the quickest way to accentuate your eyes, help your face appear more symmetrical, and quickly feel more polished and put together.  We dreamed of a brow product that did it all without being overly complicated, and this brow gel is the manifestation of every brow goal we’ve ever had.

It strengthens brows with cacao seed butter, conditions with shea butter, and nourishes with aloe, while simultaneously being a 3-in-1 grooming product that thickens, fills, and shapes your brows with just a few strokes. The plant-based, cream, wax formula delivers a boost of pigment and a soft, flexible hold that doesn’t get stiff, sticky, or flaky.

Of course, we didn’t stop with mind-blowing performance or plant-based power. This brow gel is also cruelty-free, vegan, EWG verified, gluten-free, GMO-free, and free of any crappy fillers or ingredients.

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Brow Gel

To apply:

  1. Remove the wand from the tube, removing any excess product from the bristles.
  2. Brush into brows using short, upward strokes and allow them to set for 15-30 seconds.
  3. Finally, use the bristled wand to gently shape brows into place.

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Brow Gel | W3LLPEOPLE.COM

Our Expressionist Brow Gel is currently available in three shades: dark brown, brown, and blonde and can be purchased on our website ($17.99).

Are you loving your new brow-game? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using @W3LLPEOPLE with #BrowGoals and #BEW3LL so we can share your gorgeous looks.

Go Green for the Holidays with W3LL PEOPLE

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

Join our team of green beauty gurus as we help you check off some of the people on your holiday shopping list! We’re picking out one item from our W3LL PEOPLE Collection and one item from our W3LL PEOPLE Studio in Austin, Texas, which carries over 50 of our most-loved green beauty brands, hand-selected by our team of experts.

We hope this little guide helps you discover some of the healthy, non-toxic, eco-conscious products that you can put under the tree this holiday season. Our W3LL PEOPLE products are available online, the other incredible brands mentioned can be purchased by calling our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1), where one of our green beauty pros will be happy to help you place your order.

To kick off your holiday shopping we’re offering 25% off your entire order, plus free shipping on all orders through November 26th, online and in store. Not code required. Read to get green gifting?! Let’s go.

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

01 | Inevitably one of the top people on most of our lists is our mama, and rightfully so. She deserves the very best, which is why this year we’re treating our leading ladies to a tube of our exceptionally gorgeous Optimist Lipsticks. Not only will she be pleased-as-punch by the powerful pigment, but the locking tube and mirrored cap will leave her quite impressed with your gift giving skills (you got ’em from your mama).

02 | Pair the lipstick with a product that is sure to make her feel extra-loved, such as Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae. This supernatural treatment targets severe wrinkles to restore the look of youthful plumpness and will have your mom singing your praises whenever she catches a glimpse of her glow.

Elixir Vitae retails for $400 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

03 | You spent your teenage years fighting and sharing nothing, but now you have plenty to share, like favorite beauty products and incredible skincare finds. Treat your sister to some of your favorites this holiday season. The W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Multi-Use Powder Duo ($24.99) offers a universally flattering blush + highlighter, for a lit-from-within glow that will last her all of 2019.

04 | Pair it with a good-for-you serum to help nourish and protect her skin, such as Marie Veronique’s Vitamins C + E + Ferulic Serum. This anti-oxidant rich serum helps promote a radiant complexion while providing environmental protection. Sisters don’t let sisters use crappy skincare, am I right?

Vitamins C + E + Ferulic Serum retails for $90 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

05 | She’s been there for you since before you knew what green beauty even was. Tell her you love her with any shade of our Bio Extreme Lipgloss! Just like your friendship, this gloss has two sides: a good-for-you formula that soothes and nourishes, and a sexy, state-of-the-art peptide complex that will plump up lips just-a-little-bit.

06 | Pair it with a signature scent that is nontoxic, vegan, and environmentally friendly such as Ellis Brooklyn’s Sci Fi. This incredible scent has hints of bergamot, bitter orange, green tea, freesia, cashmere and vanilla. A sophisticated scent for a sophisticated friendship!

Sci Fi retails for $100 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

07 | What do you buy for the person who is already well-stocked with nontoxic products and knows it all when it comes to clean living? Our best-selling, award-winning Expressionist Mascara ($21.99) is the way to any green beauty snobs heart. If the EWG Verified formula isn’t enough to impress her, the rubber-bristled wand will surely put you at the top of her nice list.

08 | Pair it with another industry favorite with a cult following, such as The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom. This jar of magic combines raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oil that will treat your health nut friend to an addictive ritual that she’ll forever thank you for.

The Honey Mud retails for $90 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

09 | We have a green beauty product for everyone on your list, including the man in your life. Our Bio Booster Facial Serum ($28.99) will not only keep his skin fresh, hydrated, and glowing (hey, boys like to glow, too!) but also doubles as a fantastic beard or mustache oil with a light, unisex scent of jojoba, black cumin, and red raspberry.

10 | Cologne is sexier when it’s nontoxic! Cuddle up to Molecule’s 02 cologne, which has a sweet, earthy, musky scent that lingers and intoxicates with their signature aroma-molecule formula.

Molecule 02 retails for $150 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

We’re hoping this green beauty gift guide gave you some inspiration as you begin your holiday shopping. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @W3LLPEOPLE for more holiday cheer, and share your holiday haul with us using #BEW3LL!

The Right Way to Wear Bronzer


Want to see a wizard at work? Pour yourself another cup of coffee and then head over to Camille Styles to watch our green guru, Shirley Pinkson, create two custom looks for contributing writer Tara Thompson Rasmus!

Shirley shares all of her expert tips for mastering bronzer along with two tutorials for complete beauty looks, transforming Tara’s polished daytime look into something more dramatic for the evening. Shirley uses only our natural, nontoxic, plant-based cosmetics to complete the stunning transformations, and if you look closely you just might spy some new products, coming soon from W3LL PEOPLE (one of them is already live on our website, check it out!).

Find the full article, The Right Way to Wear Bronzer, from Day to Night, at Camille Styles and #BEW3LL!


3 Steps to Flawless Coverage


Your time is precious and so is your counterspace. You have things to do and people to see and you need a morning routine that is fuss-free and fool-proof. Want to know how we achieve Flawless Coverage in Three Easy Steps using our nontoxic, all-natural cosmetics?

W3LL PEOPLE's plant-based, non-toxic Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer

Prime, Perfect and Protect – Your skin is going to love the multi-tasking benefits of our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer. Simply blend 2-3 drops of our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer into skin to help even your skin tone, prime the skin for foundation, and add a layer of SPF 30 environmental protection. Bio Tint uses organic coconut oil, ginseng and algae to nourish skin and broccoli seed oil to smooth and prime your skin.

W3LL PEOPLE'S non-toxic, plant-based Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

Cover, Conceal and Correct – Our Bio-Correct Multi-Action Concealer is your secret weapon! Bio Correct provides instant and long-lasting coverage for existing blemishes, dark circles or hyper-pigmentation, while also depuffing, brightening and improving skin with a robust cocktail of organic algae, coffee, pomegranate and anti-aging peptides! Tap the whipped mousse formula into under eyes, onto sunspot and over any redness or discoloration for coverage that both covers and works to correct.  
W3LL PEOPLE'S non-toxic and plant-based Bio Brightener Invisible Powder

Buff, Beautify and Brighten – Finish by quickly buffing a light layer of our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder over your entire face using small, circular motions and a Kabuki Brush. The crushed freshwater pearl powder in our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder melts naturally into skin, creating a soft-focus finish that minimizes pores and softens fine lines while also helping create a naturally luminous glow.

W3LL PEOPLE's 7-in-1, plant-based, vegan, non-toxic Bio Booster Facial Serum

Hydrate, Heal and Highlight –  Want to work some plant-based skincare into this get-up and glow morning routine? Simply press 2-3 drops of our Bio Booster Facial Serum into skin either before or after finishing the above steps. Applying it first will help wake skin up, prime it and allow the serum to combine with the Bio Tint for a semi-sheer serum foundation. Pressing the oil into skin as a final step will help add a beautiful glow and finish to the overall look. Bio Booster has a powerful 7-in-1 botanical formula that is loaded with good-for-you ingredients that your skin will love, such as turmeric, sea buckthorn, rose hip, pomegranate, algae, jojoba, macadamia oil, olive oil, broccoli and carrot seed oils and more! 

These three products are all you need to achieve a smooth, glowing complexion in minutes, while simultaneously providing your skin with nourishing hydration and SPF 30 protection that will shield your skin from environmental stressors throughout the day. Head to our website to shop these classics and BE W3LL!

WP Loves Moms

We create nontoxic cosmetics to help make healthy choices easier for mamas | W3LL PEOPLEWhen asked for images of motherhood, the soft curves of a pregnant belly often come to mind. And it’s true, although beautiful families are created in other ways, none of us would be here without that time spent in our mother’s womb, and that precious little “bump” is one of the first signs that a woman is transitioning into the role of mother.

Pregnancy can also be the first time in a woman’s life when she starts reading the ingredient labels on her favorite products and becomes aware of the fact that the products she is absorbing into her body are also being absorbed by the body of her unborn child. Yes, motherhood brings on many changes and one of them is awareness for how our choices impact our health and environment.

The beauty world is taking note, and is aware of the important role ingredients play in women’s choices. Our nontoxic Narcissist Foundation Stick was recently featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine as one of the best products for moms-to-be.
W3LL PEOPLE featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine as the best nontoxic foundation for moms-to-be!

Mothers want access to products that not only guarantee the healthy and safety of their children, but products that also help preserve the Earth so that those healthy, beautiful, rambunctious children have a place to call home. Our team at W3LL PEOPLE is proud to share few initiatives that help make life easier for mothers, and help preserve our Earth for the future. We have partnered with Healthy Child, Healthy World to help educate moms and moms-to-be about making clean and safe product choices, both for themselves and their children. Healthy Child, Healthy World recommends products that are cleaner and greener for your home, body and the planet to help simplify that decision. EWG’s Executive Director, Heather White, does an incredible job of explaining the importance of understanding product and ingredient safety in the video below:

Along with our work to simplify product purchasing, W3LL PEOPLE also offsets carbon emissions with the help of Carbonfund.org. Offsetting carbon emissions helps to fight global warming and contributes to cleaner energy. Carbonfund.org organizes projects relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. Through this program, W3LL PEOPLE is able to offset 72 tons of carbon annually, as well as providing a cosmetics collection that is completely carbon-free! We are so proud that through our creation of safe cosmetics, we are able to also help conserve our Earth for the future of our children.

Today we honor mothers and the commitment they make to providing themselves and their families with products that are safe and eco-friendly! Cheers to you, ma!