A lovely product that is natural and made with the best ingredients: Universalist Multi-Stick No. 7 from W3LL PEOPLE.

Your Instagram feed might  be missing something: beautiful photographs of fresh cut peonies. Peony season has come to and end. We will certainly miss filling our homes and work-space with the giant magenta blooms! But you can hang on to the beauty of peonies a little longer by flushing your cheeks with our Universalist Mutli-Stick No. 7,  peony pink!  It’s sure to dull the pain, at least a little.

Our Universalist Mutli-Sticks are a dynamic product that can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips. They are free from harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum and are also GMO and Gluten Free. Get your color on, #NaturalWarrior!

Be W3LL!