Thanks to our friends at Birchbox, we’ve solved the summertime sadness that can happen with your foundation! Foundation gets a bad rap during the summer. “It will clog your pores.” “It feels so heavy on your skin.” And then there’s the tricky way your complexion changes shades as you get more or less sun. I was firmly in the no-foundation-till-fall camp until I became acquainted with W3LL PEOPLE, a luxe all-natural brand that makes breathable makeup with skincare benefits. Specifically, I fell in love with its foundations, which have a weightless texture, and contain ingredients like zinc oxide that help protect your face from UV rays. The key to foundation in the summer is picking the right summer-friendly formula, and learn how to apply it correctly. Co-founder and veteran makeup artist Shirley Pinkson shared her tips for getting a natural, summery look—and the coverage you need—without feeling weighed down.

Blend to Match Your Skin Tone

Even the most fervent SPF-applier is likely to see a slight change in their skin tone over the course of the summer. Pinkson’s solution? Blend a shimmer-free bronzer with a mineral powder foundation. She mixes some of W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Bronzer Powder into the Altruist Foundation Powder, an organic powder formula that contains triple-milled pigments, so it’s basically imperceptible on your skin. Dust the mix onto your face with the Kabuki brush, made with bristles that mimic natural hair, for even coverage. Still struggling to find the right color? Consult our handy W3LL Matched Foundation Selector feature.

Use the Right Tools for Coverage

Sticky, sweaty fingers are not the ideal foundation applicators for obvious reasons. Instead, after moisturizing or priming skin, use the W3LL PEOPLE Foundation Brush to apply the Narcissist Foundation Stick. Blend the creamy formula into your skin to conceal blemishes, reduce redness, and even tone, and tap the brush under your eyes to minimize dark circles. Pinkson also likes to use the Kabuki brush to get a tinted moisturizer effect—just run the bristles over the top of the stick, then apply it in long downward strokes to your face.

Get a Sheer, Luminous Finish

The downside of sun-dappled skin? It can get pretty dry and dehydrated. Pinkson recommends spritzing on a refreshing skin tonic (we love S.W. Basics Toner) before brushing the Altruist Foundation onto your skin—the tonic will absorb the powder for a sheer finish. It contains calming aloe and chamomile to soothe your complexion, and zinc oxide and titanium to protect it from future sun damage. To create that healthy, radiant look, dust on a layer of the Bio Brightener Invisible Powder with the Kabuki brush.

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