Winter skin is real, amiright?!Love winter or dread winter, one thing can be agreed upon: your skin needs a lot of love during these colder, drier, skin-chapping months. Using products that nourish and hydrate should be top priority when it comes to your complexion! In the evenings, after the day’s makeup is removed, relying on heavy-duty moisturizers and oils like our Bio Booster serum lock in hydration overnight for moisturized, brighter skin by morning. But what about in the day time, when, you know, it’s not really preferred to walk into the office with layers of thick creams and serums on your face… (no judgement if that’s you).


During chilly months, we’re looking for around the clock moisture for our skin, not just layering on in the evenings, and so what better way to lock in that moisture than through the makeup you wear?! Enter our range of moisturizing makeup sticks. From foundations to bronzers, all of our sticks rely on hydrating bases like beeswax and jojoba oil to deliver and retain moisture to your skin throughout the day. 


Here are all of the makeup products you need this winter for skin that’s healthy and hydrated, and for looks that glow throughout the season. 



Narcissist Foundation Stick 

Have you ever been in the depths of dry skin and your foundation just looks completely caked on even if you’re using very little? It’s that chapped, sitting-on-top-of-your-skin look, and it’s not for us. Our Narcissist foundation is made from a combination of castor and safflower seed oils and beeswax for a creamy look that melts into skin easily for sheer but substantial coverage and no greasy residue. We love this formula in the winter because, outside of it basically doubling as a moisturizer, it has a satiny, soft-focus finish that can be built upon for a more dramatic look or worn as a daily, easy-to-use foundation. 


Bio Brightener Stick 

Tis the season to highlight! With winter comes the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes an onslaught of gatherings, gift exchanges, office parties, and family hangouts that call for some subtle holiday shimmer. The Bio Brightener stick illuminates and hydrates using a triple threat of jojoba, sunflower seed, and olive oil, and gives off a translucent shimmer at all the right angles. We carry this stick around in our purse because we never know when we’re going to want to give ourselves a little brightening pick-me-up throughout the day. Bio Brightener stick comes in two natural shades, the new Golden Glow and the widely-loved Universal Glow, both of which highlight and moisturize for a complexion that could be mistaken for skin that has a summer vacation glow. 


Bio Bronzer Stick 

Anyone who’s told you bronzers can only be used during the summer needs to be checked! While bronzers aren’t the one to give that natural “I’ve been playing in the snow” flush, they can seriously amp up a holiday or winter look and tone-wise feel completely in step with the season. Cream-based bronzers, like our Bio Bronzer stick, do a great job of blending well for a natural, bright, and overall healthy look. Our bronzer stick in particular packs a hydrating punch with a variety of botanical oils that go on smooth and easily, a.k.a, no ruddy bronze-caking here!  


Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick 

And now for a pop of color, our Nudist Multi-Use cream stick is an absolute winter essential for its versatility and ability to nourish and relieve chapped skin. Our cream stick formula uses premium, powerful ingredients like avocado oil, aloe vera leaf, shea butter, and sunflower seed wax among other moisturizing botanicals to soothe irritated, overly dry skin. We use this stick anywhere our complexions could use a little color and brightening! Its smooth and creamy texture is perfect on lips, eyelids, and cheeks, and fits easily in a purse for easy, on the go color. 

How do you care for your skin during the winter months? Shop all of our moisturizing cream sticks and discover more hydrating, skin-loving products on!