3 Things to Know About Us + Our Makeup Remover!

When our friends at W3LL PEOPLE asked us to write a post for their blog, we were admittedly pulled in a million different directions. Should we discuss the many benefits of a natural skincare routine? How about we explain the fascinating rejuvenating properties of your skin, your body’s largest organ? Perhaps we’d share some of our favorite DIY skincare recipes, straight from our founder Adina Grigore’s book, Skin Cleanse?

Then we had an epiphany: Maybe we’d start with the basics (ha ha) first? So, without further ado, here are three things to know about S.W. Basics and our products. Here’s to hoping we keep the conversation going!

We’re a truly all-natural skincare company. And we take natural seriously.

Are your eyes already glazing over? We get it. It seems like every skincare company lays claim to being “natural” – which, incidentally, is a completely unregulated term.

Did you know that if a product is made with only one natural ingredient and a ton of synthetic ingredients, it can be marketed as “natural”? We find that not only misleading, but frustrating. For us, “natural” is not lip service. Natural is not a marketing term. Natural is everything. So, rest assured, you’ll find nothing in our products that Mother Nature wouldn’t recognize: No filler, fluff, or synthetic fragrances. Ever.

Our ingredients are the main event. And we use five of them or less.

What are some of these all-important ingredients, you ask? Wild-harvested organic shea butter, organic coconut, avocado, jojoba, and coffee oils, organic rosewater, organic apple cider vinegar…just to name a few. They are all ethically sourced and we love supporting small farms and Fair Trade enterprises.

When you have ingredients of this caliber, there’s no need to water them down or cheapen them with exotic fillers. As such, our skincare products are formulated with only five of these kick-ass ingredients or less. Every ingredient counts and it shows; our formulas might seem simple, but they’re undiluted, rendering them incredibly potent and effective.

We think your skin is beautiful. You should, too.

You know how so many skincare companies tell you that you’re beautiful… when you use their products? We hate that. We think your skin is awesome on its own. It just deserves some respect – respect that the beauty industry isn’t giving it!

Think about it: Despite the fact that our skin is our body’s largest organ, there’s the potential to expose it to hundreds of synthetic chemicals, toxins, and irritants through our daily beauty routines. We bet you wouldn’t ever dream of eating the stuff you diligently apply to “fight wrinkles”… so why are you lathering it on your skin? Is it because some skincare company told you to? We thought so.

Our products seek to respect your skin by nourishing it with the exact same (proven) ingredients you’d use to nourish a healthy body. In doing so, we’re allowing your skin to function optimally. Your skin is happier, and we bet you will be, too.

Makeup Remover small jpg

About our Makeup Remover: Makeup removers go on the most sensitive parts of your body – eyes, lips – but they’re often loaded with harsh, astringent ingredients like alcohol. Yuck. We kept ours as simple as possible with three ingredients: some super-light, organic sweet almond oil, a bit of organic extra-virgin olive oil, and a little organic jojoba oil. It’ll take off every last bit of your makeup without any burning sensation, redness, or greasy residue. Bonus: It operates as a light moisturizer, too — so go crazy with it!

Want to get to know more of our products? Head to our website and use the code W3LLPEOPLE20 for 20% off your order through the end of July!


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