Ahhh wintertime.  Now that the holidays are over, we can start to wind down and begin the beautiful process of rejuvenation in preparation for spring.  For most of us however, those pesky dark under-eye circles we’ve been carrying through the holidays just won’t budge.
As with most beauty concerns, the key to combating dark circles under the eyes is not only found in a high performance concealer (hint, hint: coming soon!), but also in slight adjustments in diet, lifestyle, and products.  Here are a number of things you can incorporate into your daily routine to help fight the winter blues!
  1. Get lots of sleep! (I know- yeah, right!) Make self care a priority.  Aim for 7-9 hours per night.  Take cat naps when you need them.
  2. Increase your iron intake.  Iron helps bring oxygen to your cells, which improves circulation.  Foods rich in iron are: red meat (sparingly), poultry, beans and dark, leafy vegetables.
  3. Reduce inflammation by loading up on antioxidants.  Yummy choices include berries, beans, brussels sprouts, and dark leafy greens.  Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  4. Wear sunglasses! The sun can break down collagen production, which means the blood vessels are more likely to rupture, causing….dark circles!
  5. When you are suffering from chronic sinusitis, blocked nasal packages can cause puffiness around the eye area.  Bromelain (in delicious pineapple) can help this.
  6. Increasing your Vitamin K intake can help reduce the darkness as well, by helping the blood to clot and keeping the blood around your eyes circulating.  When the blood isn’t circulating correctly, blood can pool under your eyes, causing the dark tinge.  Foods such as brown rice, eggs, oatmeal, wheat, alfalfa, cornmeal, avocado, kiwi, sweet potatoes, liver, soybeans, and milk can all help get your Vitamin K intake up.
  7. Keep your adrenals replenished.  Adrenal exhaustion can result in dark circles, amongst a host of other things.  Ways to keep your adrenals nourished include switching out your coffee for rooibos tea (which is jam packed with antioxidants), lowering stress levels (try saying no to new projects, meditating, and taking hot bubble baths), getting adequate sleep, drinking tons of water and taking an ashwaganda tincture for extra nurturing.
  8. Tap our award winning #Narcissist Foundation and Concealer Stick under the eyes to conceal those dark circles. Be sure to prime with ARCONA’s Peptide Eye Serum! It’ peptide rich formula boosts collagen and tames puffiness.

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