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W3LL PEOPLE is proud to lead a new generation of socially responsible brands focused on improved health and reduced harm. Thanks to the unmatched quality and performance of our luxurious, nontoxic, natural cosmetics we have experienced phenomenal growth since launching 2008. 

In that time we’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to touch thousands of women all across the country with mission-minded makeup. We’ve listened to their stories that range from outrageously silly to overwhelmingly gut-wrenching. These stories have moved our team. We’ve learned our Brave Beauties face a host of challenges. Some want to feel more confident in the work place, some want to invest in better self-care, some want to teach their kids good habits…and some are fighting for their lives.

This profound experience inspires our team now more than ever to take beauty to a better place–for everyone. Our name says it all, we are a brand by the people for the people. Yet, it concerns us that certain communities may be priced out of enjoying our gorgeously-good-for-you makeup. For this singular, but powerful reason, we are electing to reduce our prices. Our intent is to make our products more accessible to a larger audience, expanding our reach and the accessibility of better, healthy products.

The more successful we are, the more we achieve greater cost efficiencies in manufacturing. Now we’re in a position to share the savings from higher volume production with our customer. Essentially we’re paying it forward–and it feels pretty damn good. So check out our site and visit our retailers to enjoy our premium quality products at a more affordable price. 

You’re still going to see the same delicious organic botanicals in our ingredients. You’re still going to revel in our stylish packaging. You’re still going to be wowed by the award-winning performance of our nontoxic products. All this remains untouched, but now at a better value. 

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In sync with our revised pricing structure, we are forging exciting partnerships with top retailers including Birchbox, Whole Foods Market, Target, Detox Market, Credo Beauty and Pharmaca in order to make our products accessible to just about everyone, everywhere. Thanks to our inspired leadership, keen product ingenuity and tireless drive, W3LL PEOPLE is growing our community of Brave Beauties and proving that makeup doesn’t have to be harmful to be powerful.