We at W3LL PEOPLE have made no secret of our tireless mission to lead a new generation of beauty committed to a healthy balance between style and substance. Earlier this year we announced our partnership with The Environmental Working Group and leading the way with the EWG VERIFIED™ program that empowers people to make smarter choices with non-toxic beauty and personal care products for themselves and the environment. 

For many of us, the rituals surrounding our beauty routine were shaped by the feminine figures in our lives. By observing them we learned lessons, techniques and the value of self care. We all have at least one cherished memory of our mother or grandmother primping in front of the mirror with jars, tubes and puffs spread out in front of her.

What we know now, is that harmful chemicals and toxins were lurking within those bottles and compacts. Thankfully today we can introduce good-for-you products to the little eyes that are watching us. In a recent study, the EWG showed that the level of potentially toxic chemicals in teenage girls plummeted only 3 days after they stopped using certain cosmetic products. The study required the girls to use safer products and avoid products containing suspected endocrine disruptors such as phthalates, parabens and tricolsan. When their levels were retested they showed notable decreases in those concentrations (44% decrease in levels of methyl and propyl paraben, 35% decrease in triclosan, 27% decrease in mono-ethyl phthalates).

While the bad news is that some companies put harmful crap in their products and it’s perfectly legal, the good news is that there are brands out there who care (we do!) and you can look and feel your best without putting your health at risk. Our nontoxic products are a healthy and safe alternative to conventional cosmetics. All the power without the toxins. As a brand W3LL PEOPLE has made it our mission to partner with Healthy Child Healthy World to help educate moms and moms-to-be about making clean and safe product choices, both for themselves and their children. Our mission at W3LL PEOPLE is to empower you to make positive choices and pass them on.

Summer is coming to a close and many of our customers are preparing to send beautiful daughters, nieces, friends or even neighbors back to school. You have enough to worry about without stressing over the ingredients in her favorite lipgloss.  We’re excited to offer a limited-time Lipgloss with purchase! When you purchase any of your favorite W3LL PEOPLE products totaling $50 we’ll include one perfectly age-appropriate Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Natural (a $14.99 value!) for FREE, August 1st through 5th, 2016 *NO CODE REQUIRED*.  Tuck it into your daughter’s backpack, or keep it for yourself (we wont’ tell!). Our Bio Extreme Lipglosses, packed with organic aloe and coconut oil, are a nourishing beauty ritual that you can feel confident passing on! Rock on, #GreenMamas!

Take a look at just how those beauty rituals of our mothers, grandmothers, and friends shape our life from our BFF’s at EWG.