Yep, it’s finally here: 11 years. Eleven years in the making of W3LL PEOPLE and it feels so d*mn good to be the original champion of clean beauty! Whether you’re new here or not, we’re really excited to share more of all the stuff—big or small, far and wide–that constantly inspires us each day. Since day one, we’ve promised premium natural ingredients and have stood by our strict standards of non-toxic formulas and performance-driven cosmetics. We’re a team made up of dreamers, creatives, media mavens, and change-makers. Our work is a reflection of our team and we certainly could not have done it without each and every one of them. As a special birthday celebration, we want to introduce you to the faces behind W3LL PEOPLE.  

This month we took some time to reflect and see what our team had to say in honor of our 11th anniversary—here’s what we asked our team:

1)  What does clean beauty means to you?

2) Why are you passionate about sharing W3LL PEOPLE? 

3) One (or two) W3LL PEOPLE items you never leave home without. 

Meet the Founders:


Shirley Pinkson

Co-Founder, Clean Beauty Makeup Guru

1) “Clean beauty keeps things real. It’s about elevating awareness and transparency in so much more than just makeup. Clean beauty inspires us to make powerful, healthier choices for ourselves and those we love.”

2) “It’s super simple: to inspire change (for the better). And, W3LL PEOPLE performs like a dream!

3) “Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer and Nudist Multi-use Stick in Nude Rose.”



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James Walker

Co-Founder, Tree-hugging Entrepreneur

1) “Challenging the status quo and demanding innovation for positive change.”

2) “To create a brand that crosses borders, provides access to beautiful, healthier choices and inspires a community is gratifying on the deepest level. To get to do it with my two best friends who have seen me at my worst and my best is a blessing.”

3) “Bio Correct Concealer and Bio Bronzer Stick.”



Renée Snyder, MD

Co-Founder, Board Certified Dermatologist

1) “Clean beauty is a choice, the choice to make a change, to decide that your health is an investment and not an expense. The choice to pick a product line to use that is EWG verified and works.” 

2) “I’m passionate about W3LL PEOPLE because of the quality ingredients and performance, but I believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I use W3LL PEOPLE because it enhances who I am, it does not transform me.”

3) “I won’t leave home without my Expressionist Mascara and Optimist Lipstick in shade #6 – Retrograde.”


Meet the team:

Sarah Sims

Sales & Marketing Director

1) “It feels great knowing I’m making good choices for my body and our planet. We vote with our dollars and I want my sarahvote to be loud and clear. If you make beauty products that contain the same chemicals as anti-freeze, cause cancer and other serious health issues, and test on animals, I won’t support you. I feel confident supporting a company that has been a pioneer in the mission to create healthy, safer cosmetics.”

2) “Seeing the reaction of my family and friends when they finally make the switch to clean beauty is what makes this all worth it! This, and the fact that W3LL PEOPLE’s founders are true visionaries who deeply believe in the clean beauty mission, and fully stand by their products.”

3) “Narcissist Foundation Stick, and Expressionist Mascara —these must-have items give me everything I want to put my best face forward, and make me feel ready to take on the world (or at least the checkout line at Whole Foods)!”

victoriaVictoria Benitez

Digital Content Manager 

1) “Choosing clean beauty means to me that one day because of our positive choices we make now we will no longer have to wonder what’s in this foundation or that lipstick, because all of it will be clean and safe. It’s up to us to make that commitment and change to nontoxic beauty. ”

2) “It’s hard not to tell everyone about W3LL PEOPLE when their mission is one to stand by. Working for a brand that believes in better standards for an entire industry and safer planet as a whole not only feels good, but truly is a responsibility in itself!”

3) “I can’t leave the house without my Expressionist Mascara and Brow Gel, I know I don’t need them to be powerful, but once they’re on, I feel like I can handle pretty much whatever comes my way.”

0Gabrielle Chapman

eCommerce Manager

1) “Clean beauty means fierce self-love. Clean beauty means counter culture. Clean beauty means empowerment. It means liberation from the bullsh*t! At least a part of it.”

2) “I know the products are safe and beautiful, aesthetically.”

3) “Expressionist Mascara in Pro Black! Second, I have never been a brow girl but I love the Expressionist Brow Gel (in blonde for a natural look and brown for a dramatic look).”


Mariah Romero

Junior Graphic Designer

1) “Clean beauty is a self-care practice for me. W3LL PEOLE is mindful about what they put in their products and as a consumer I know what I’m putting on my skin is good for me. I’m able to know that I’m taking care of myself in such a simple way, daily.” 

2) “People might find incorporating a healthy lifestyle habit difficult, with so much research and time dedicated to it, but I don’t think it has to be. I like to share W3LL PEOPLE because I know not everyone has the time or drive to research and I feel good knowing the products I recommend perform well.”

3) “Nudist Lip Butter & Narcissist Foundation Stick.”

Bri Wrightbri

Marketing Coordinator

1) “Clean beauty to me is the peace of mind that comes with knowing what I’m putting on my skin is healthy for both me and for the planet.” 

2) “The commitment W3LL PEOPLE has to creating natural products with the performance we all want is undeniable. It’s this commitment that makes it so easy for me to talk about W3LL PEOPLE to anyone within a 3 foot radius.” 

3) “My Bio Brightener Baked Powder always makes me look insta-fresh and has it’s own designated spot in my purse.” 

Mandy Tran

Customer Service Coordinator


1) “Clean beauty means being mindful of using products that are not only natural, but also non-toxic. Many beauty lines claim to be all natural, but they still use many harmful and toxic ingredients. It’s important to be conscious of exactly what goes into the products we use in our daily lives.”

2) “W3LL PEOPLE is not only completely clean, but performs better than any conventional makeup line I’ve tried —and I’ve tried many! Not only do the products look and feel great, the ingredients benefit your skin as well. It’s easy to share the passion when products give the results you’re trying to achieve!”

3) “The Optimist Lipstick in the shade Choose Love lives in my purse. It’s not only my favorite everyday lipstick, but I use it as my daily blush, too! I also always carry the Expressionist Mascara on me, just in case I want to give my lashes a boost later in the day.”


Laura Phillips

Director of Operations

1) “Clean beauty is combining healthy ingredients into the products I use in my daily routine.”

2) “W3LL PEOPLE products work and are good for you!  Such a needed combination in the beauty world. ”

3) “My “can’t live without” product is the Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in the shade #9 – Afterglow.  This is the best lip gloss I have ever used, period. Bio Baked Bronzer Powder is a close second.” 

karlaKarla Hernandez

Operations Assistant Manager

1)  “Be good to yourself by using clean beauty!”

2)  “W3LL PEOPLE products work for me as it has helped to clear up my skin.”

3) “My two favorite products are the Expressionist Mascara in Pro Black and Bio Baked Bronzer Powder.”


jessJessica Serna

Regional Director

1) “Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup.”

2) “Did you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs over 80% of what you put on it? As a Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist, I’m passionate about educating and helping people make better choices with their beauty routine!”

3) “Bio Baked Bronzer Powder and Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in  the shade #9 – Afterglow!”

jeanetteJeanette Crutchfield

National Retail Support Coordinator

1) “Clean beauty means that when I put on my killer red lipstick, I don’t have to worry about the chemicals in it.  I only have to worry about staying in the lines!”

3) “W3LL PEOPLE is truly for the people.  It’s safe. It’s effective. It’s affordable.  And W3LL PEOPLE just likes to have fun! It’s lipstick after all, not rocket science!”

3) “My Bio Booster Facial Serum —I wear it morning, noon, and night, with or without makeup.  I mix it with my spray toner, I mix it with my moisturizer, I mix it with my Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30.  I also pile it on after I’ve done a peel on my face. Baby smooth skin the next morning!”

Ashley Jamesonashley-j

Northeast Retail Coordinator

1) “Clean beauty allows me to feel good about what I am putting on my skin. I love knowing what is in my makeup and that my skin is receiving good-for-me nutrients. It’s really a win-win!”

2) “I am passionate about sharing W3LL PEOPLE with the world because it is important that people know it is possible to have cosmetics that perform better than conventional makeup, but can also be non-toxic, too!  I turned my friends on to W3LL PEOPLE and they are OBSESSED! I know that once people try it, they will be too!”

3) “I ALWAYS wear my Bio-Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 with a drop of our Bio-Booster Serum because it really leaves my skin feeling hydrated and protected, but it also evens me out. I have a lot of redness so it’s very calming. I’m addicted to our Bio Booster Facial Serum! Ha! And I always carry my Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick in Shade 10 in my bag because it gives my look a mid-day boost when I’m really dragging. I wear it on my cheeks and lips!”

aliAli Davis

Studio Manager

1) “Going clean and green has changed my skin and life! I have had few to no breakouts since switching and my skin feels healthier than ever! I love to think about it this way, if you wouldn’t eat it why would you put it on your skin?”

2) “I tell EVERYONE I know about W3LL PEOPLE, so I can inform them that there are good quality products out there that will replace their toxic ones. W3LL PEOPLE goes above and beyond to make quality clean beauty products at affordable prices so anyone can afford and use them. Their products have changed so many people’s skin for the better! I love that I can use them in my makeup kit for my work in film, too! It’s amazing to me that they have such strict ingredient standards and stick to them! Why not tell people about a makeup line that’s actually good for you?”

3) “Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 and our NEW Nudist Eyeshadow Palettes!”


We want to also take some time to thank YOU, too. Thank YOU for being part of our crazy beautiful journey. We hope you stay for the ride for many more years to come.


– W3LL PEOPLE team